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Our Mission

IS to BRING THE ABSOULTE BEST pure nugrun to market in THE MOST INNOVATIVE PORTABLE DELIVERY Vape and pod sYSTEMS with EXPANDED hits and extended battery life.  

El Chapo Extracts Founded by a couple of scientists motivated to make cleaner ways to smoke concentrates, El Chapo Extracts is a new cannabis concentrate company. Our passion for concentrates have inspired a new take on separation and purification of all plant material, which ultimately led us to more higher refined purification processes and ultimately a desired consumption experience. El Chapo Extracts is also the first to carry a full gram an a half pod and 100% Certified Organic distilled cannabis oil.

In it’s raw form, El Chapo Extracts distillate since first launch in 2018 has gained recognition amongst the local community as one of the best on the market. With the absolute best taste smelly odor, El Chapo Extracts represented a perfect opportunity to formulate a wide variety of options so that anyone can enjoy El Chapo Extracts in your own unique way. The next step was clear, expand the strains of El Chapo Extracts. Unlike most vaping and dabbing concentrates, El Chapo makes all of our flavors and terpenes in house in our state of the art lab using only 100% Organic components. All of our flavors and terpenes are, organic, and naturally derived from the actual plants not grown in large grows to insure pesticide free oil. All organic; and simply the cleanest way to consume cannabis, and by far the best tasting. Sc Labs Certified and Tested between 89-98% THC.

You Take care of me I take care of you, you betray me I kill you -El Chapo